DefKopta to helichoppa part 1

Ok. when you are not an inexperienced modeler and you want to follow 2 great examples, you should formulate a plan so mine is as follows:

the Helichoppa is the result of a crazy Ork speeder that went beyond the speed thrill a bike could offer and the next option was a deftkopta. so he went to change so parts here and there until a proper helichoppa was working and the speed was good enought.

So for starter even if I like the AOBR it is a bit short. and i want that the model looks like a chopper.
about the necessary resources i will need to use the cc to purchase somethings like green putty, some GW washes and paints and other bits of stuff, plus maybe some ork bikes to get some parts i think could be useful.

ok here i go i hope I get a new good model in the end, mean while I will remove the skids from the model and try to keep as many details along the cutting process.

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