My Space Marines Bike bases

Today I finally decided to do some bases for my bike squad.
I want to do an Imperial Road theme so here is the first part of my tutorial on how to do them, next one will be about painting them.


  • 3 round bike basesDSC03305
  • some green stuffDSC03307
  • a piece of sand paperDSC03308
  • The small Emperor Aquila bit from the brass etched pieces that come with the Warhammer 40k basing kit.DSC03306



With that list of materials I prepared the green stuff and molded it over the bike bases, trying to be consistent and achieve an uniform thickness.
here you can see that I uses a bit of plastic to get an uniform  finish
next I wanted to give it a rough finish instead of the smooth texture I got, so I uniformly pressed the 3 bases against the sand paper (you can use the one you like the most I had only a rough one at hand)
The following step was to partially glue the Aquila brass bit to a plastic pipe and that way I got an easy seal that I proceeded to stamp over the green stuff
from there I used the flat end of a hobby knife to do the slate separations and the sharp one to do some holes
As a final step I clean the borders with the hobby knife and let them cure. Until next time when I will try to get a good concrete color that enhance the overall work. stay tuned.

UPDATE: now you can go to the final part in the tutorial just click here


  1. Nice, that will make them look soo much better and they will also be nice to play with.

    Related news on the hobby: 500 pt of tau are almost finished and will be at least all painted with the same color for next match.

    3 gothic fleet armies are going to be bought in these 2 following days. Chaos Imperial and eldar.

  2. Sandpaper. That's brilliant! You sir are just plain good with bases. How much of the detail is visible from the Aquila? Using it as a press was pretty smart.

  3. thank I will post the en result, so far I think the ork bike let more detail to be seen because the space marine bikes are so low profile that obscure most of the detail.

  4. I have just uploaded the conclusion on the tutorial, as you can see flekzo, the Aquila is quite visible on the final product.



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