My Basing method step by step part One

Today I was in the mood to do some basing, so I grabbed some basic materials and documented everything, I started by getting some sand mixed with small pebbles:
 Then a bit of volcanic ash from the last Pacaya volcano eruption that covered most of our city in ash.
 some bases (any will do, I use the same approach on all kind of bases), GW slate and wh40k basing kit parts
 plastic netting to do razor wire
 and of course the bit bag, glue and something to apply it.


with all that my first step was to glue with super glue the big parts like the ash and parts  as you see fit then after they are placed you put the glue like a cup cake top, here there is a little bit of info that you must me aware; if your base has a hole like the one in the flying bases I used here you should put  a peg to keep the hole unobstructed by the glue and sand.
it should be smooth but it will work if not. While the glue is wet you submerge the base on the sand, like you can see next:

you can see that a good bath of sand is necessary, when finally done you take it facing down the sand ant tap  to drop the  loose sand.

after that you might want to sprinkle a bit of sand  on the uncovered glue. 
then you remove the peg and uncover the hole if the base have one, that must be done fairly quickly or you wont be able to remove the peg and that would mean that it would get dirty if you let it glue and haven't primed the base.  At this point you will have collection of good looking bases.

 In the next installment I will add the bitz and start the painting, so stay tuned.


  1. A very interesting approach to basing. I will look for your next post.

  2. Thanks geminian, I have posted the second part, i hope you like it BM



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