joining my HWK-290 to the rebelion

Ok I must admit it, I'm not that big fan of the HWK-290 from Xwing Miniatures game, but a few days ago I saw the mini repaint from Stephen Donn
  and I knew I had to have one, so I grabbed my deneb stone some abbadon black was and my trusty old "blood red" color and I painted mine  here it is, I love it how it looks now:

for my method I didnt tripped the paint of the mini as I got into X-wing to play minis not to paint them not that I dont like to paint I love it but X-wing to me is about opening and playing, so I just painted the bened stone ober the old dolor as thin as possible, after all taking shorcuts is not the same as obscuring detail, after that I just applied  some black wash here and there to rise details and with red I painted over the original strips, it looks great simply great, after that I drybrushed some blue hues to get the engine effect, but if I get to work my aribrush I might retouch it.

Relic Knight Prismatics Cordelia and Melial

Ok today I took the prismatic ladies out for a walk, they look great together.

Sadly the face on Cordelia is not as good posed as in Melial, I think a helmeted head would have fitted her more.

Of the two the Void one is far better sculpt to my tastes, not that I dislike Cordelia, but...

More of my Black Diamonds

To keep with the progress on my Relic Knights.

my troops, it barely shows but they have squad marks on the shoulders and now I plan to have a symbol

 missing form the one shot post was Fritz but here is

 My M8 chee.

 My Black Dragons, first time I encouraged me to paint the black diamond symbol

Next my Darkspace iron chef

and finally my PC9 Breaker team.

As for how I managed to paint the Black Diamond symbol I drew a full tilted square with a light grey and proceeded to draw a cross with base color lines  after that I painted a circle on the center  and a smaller circle with the light circle to finish the symbol.

for the moment I  only have the suspect 7 minis to paint but I have her/them mostly so soon I will post more pics.

Some touching ups on my Xwing ships

I have been doing small touch ups here and there on my ships, mostly to make them more personal, the most recent batch is my Z-95 squadron, so here they are:

the first one I painted was done for a friend that wanted that schema but the transaction never managed to complete

 Next I just weathered my second z-95

Incomming Void Herald

Hi, Yesterday I decided to paint my Void Herald, I like how I looks, specially because is the first time I dont decor the base were I place a model,  I only barely painted it.

Lest see how it looks


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