How i got into this.

Hello is me again, this time I want to remeber what lead me to the wonderfull world of GW products. In 1998 I purchased a second hand Hero Quest box (of all places i got it in a all for 0.99) that night I went to a burger king and played D&D style HQ with some friends, i had a blast. i loved the mimiatures, but something in me wanted more so i grabbed the minis and went to a local hobby store, purchased some testors paints and off i went,a week latter i was the proud owner of a fine collection of painted minis that looked great to me (someone with out painting knowledge), that lead me to abandon my then love for CCGs and start embracing the miniature world, becuase just in time the local ccg store started stocking WHFB, after Hero Quest i fell in love with the wood elves i purchased some GW paints and wood elves archers. by then i was hooked, now i would like to know what got you in?

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