Old Minis WIP

Hi, So far i have posted a few info about my armies and besides my personal challenge in the helichoppa, I still have some WIP. just after purchasing my AOBR box that marked my return to collecting Games workshop miniatures a box with some really old minis of space marines came to my hands courtesy of my personal spring cleaning. so far i have some seargents and some missile armed marines.
here are my missile launchers they are old school minis that in the begining I disliked but in the end i liked a lot when painted.

as you can see I still like the red colored weapons from third edition more that the now more prevalent black ones but sometime I could make a change.

now my sergeants.

There are 3 of the old school as with the missile ones I just added a newer one for comparison.

in my next post I will show you some of my old space marines.

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