Why I Follow: Bell of Lost Souls

Ok for my first WIF post I would like to comment the aspects that help me decide to follow the BOLS blog.

How I found BOLS http://www.belloflostsouls.net after using google reader for about 6 months, i always liked a lot warhammer and decided that since i was out of touch I was high time to try the search feature it poped out as one of the first results. I added the feed to my list and since the is just pure bliss.

What makes it compelling to me: regularly updated with great info is a great understatement, it is update a lot daily, It is supported by a great community of dedicated players, the blog roll that they have lead me to get in touch with most of the blogs I follow now. on top they are always evolving looking for new ways to help the overall games workshop fan community (you name the game they have something for it), do you need proof then look no further than the BOLSCON I just hope the result of such an ambitious project is even beyond the wildest expectation of all involved.

for all that and more I Follow: Bell of Lost Souls blog.


  1. I agree with everything you said above. They are the reason we started our blog as well!

    I really like your format and what you have going on here. I will be back!

  2. Thank you WileyedJester, your comment is most encouraging, I will try harder to be better.



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