Bug Bitten 6

Ok keep trying more color schemas in my genestealers

Here I tried with midnight blue dry bushed with a mix of enchanted blue and the base color,


The next one I only used the mix I got from the previous genestealer and instead of dry bush I used a flesh wash on the red areas.


Here I photographed  both minis, the colors are good in the washed one but I don't like the shine that results.


Here I have all the currently painted minis even all are different they look coherent.



  1. They all look real nice. I kinda like how they are all slighty different but still work together. Have you to considered keeping them like this? I like the washed on. I like washes in general:) I don't know how you got it so glossy/shiney though. Look around on the net for how too reduce that effect. I am pretty sure you can do it. Might be matte spray you need.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I agree with you that the shine has to go, about how i got it it came with a GW flesh wash from 2000 still around my paint supply. and about not changing them I will follow your cue it makes sense, since they could be slight mutations.

    right now i will wait for the weekend to aply the dull cote for today is too rainy.



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