Why I Follow: jawaballs

Hello, its me again, for today's post is the turn to Jawaball's blog.

How I arrived there: I found jawaball's blog because of BOLS the blog roll has a picture I found interesting, from there I new I have something great.

What its like about it: I like jawaball style, It is string to the point without being arrogant (ok maybe just a bit but in a good way), he has dedication and love for his army that I find worthy of admiration do you want one example: how about the reaction to the article by jwolf where the blood angels ended as a not so good army? A series of blood angels' strategies and tactics that proved otherwise( just wait for the result on the confrontation that will happen at BOLSCon.)

Also can I forget to discuss about Jawaball's paintg articles, his abilities are way off the earth and an objective I want in time to match if possible. I like the ones that involve Dante or the wings that he uses in his blood angels army.

Ok that's all for now.

For all that and more I Folllow: The Blood Angels and Warhammer 40k: by Jawaballs.

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