Space Hulk musings

Hello, since I wont be getting my soace hulk for a while I was musing, for all those lucky souls that already have it, does the current rules make feasible to play against other races like Orks ?
after all they are the other prominent alien that uses spaces hulks to move around.

I hope for a yes.


  1. Well the rules aren't like 40k with stats table etc. It's more a case of aliens attack one way and marines attack another as such. So yes, you could use other races but if they're the aliens they're going to be fast moving close combat based and up against it shooters if they're the marines. Can easily work though. In Space Crusade there were Genestealers, Chaos Space Marines, Androids (early Necrons before they were Necrons) Orks and Gretchin aliens making a 'home' there. So there's plenty of background and scope for that :)

  2. Just what i think, just some armies are not good for everything like SM that i think should only be visitors not denizens, about necrons I could work but i think that could be harder.



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