Trip down Ork Memory Lane

Back in the day I had a store there I sold WHFB and WH40K, in that time I managed to get some orks that I painted so anyone interested could play against a baddie. since my budget was limited I dint get some fancy stuff like a dread, so I managed to do one of my first conversions.

so here it is: besides one Terminator:

Why Im here to talk about him now, It is because I'm planning on a conversion and im still undecided about how to proceed, should I destroy this marveluos piece of old work or should start a new dread?

what do you think.


  1. Do NOT destroy that very charming ork, you will regret it. It's awesome in it's orkishness. That said home made ork konversions are always my favorites. I've seen awesome marine conversions for instance but they never have the mad mekkboy creativity that ork ones have. Keep us posted!

    Also mad props on that Blood Angel termie. Love the paintwork and the very nifty purity seals. Speaking of BAs, check out for a very nice termy.

  2. thanks Flekkzo I wanted to retouch the main gems and didnt knew how now I have a nice touch of inspiration.

  3. After comparing the 2 paint jobs I'm Happy that my skill has improvedd a lot in 9 years with a 4year hiautus.

  4. If you "destroy" your old works of art you will not only destroy a piece of your own history, but also remove an excellent opportunity to see how you progress over the years. I am keeping my minis for sure:)

    And for some orky inspiration, if you haven't already seen it, check out:

    Doesn't it just awake the mekkboy in you and compels you to scream "Waaagh!"? :)

  5. Ok I wont but i will modify the arm, after I complete the new challenge if it works Ok.



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