Wandering on the Warhammer 40k rummors

OK I'm rummaging about the great tidbits that have been let loos on the recent times about the line up of releases that are on the pipe for better information You can go to Galaxy in Flames , Dark Future Games, and/or  BOLS.
 After reading it in full I think that some alien codex  love could be on our way I for certain like the idea of a new necron codex  even thought it seems that eldar and tau will have to wait a bit. maybe for 2011.
And not lets forget about the 3ups that will make for great terrain ideas, even I guess how will GW market them with the mentioned codices.-
In closing interesting to see the mix  of the ever popular Space Marines and Orks with Dark Eldar, DH/WH and necrons.

ok interesting new year to be sure.

 And never forget the new DREAD YEAH RIGHT.


  1. Like your dread:)

    While the Dark Eldar and Necron have the oldest codexs, I personally would prefer Tau and Eldar. In fact, Eldar needs a stronger prescence in general and GW really need to create more intrest around them. I think that together with the Orks, the Eldar is the most important xenos races.

    I sure would like to see more Eldar vehicles, because they are awesome:)

  2. Me too, I even got a Falcon when I started just because it really looks cool.

  3. The Falcon/Wave Serpent/Fire prism is really cool. I wish that they would update them to FW standards (especially stuff like star engines, holo-fields, vectored engines, etc) and release a second hull that easily could get three four variations. That would be a huge improvement for vehicles as far as the Eldar goes.

    I think that a good codex is one that has so many combinations and variations that new things will be discovered through its lice span.

  4. Brother, vivo en Guatemala y me pienso meter en este rollo. Yo y mi hermano, talvez me podas recomendar cosas acerca del juego.

  5. Raidengard disculpa la tardanza pero estuve fuera como nos podriamos poner en contacto?
    depende de que te guste podria ser orkos y space marines para reducir un poco el impacto.



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