Helping others, it helps you.

Today a post in the Warhammer Santa Cruz about helping spread the word on the Barter Bucket after reading it completely of course that I did my part, and that got me thinking, what got out is an answer that has to do with a post that resides at From the Warp: What's in it for me? 

A great question in of it self  and greater when you understand the context that prompted it.

 I always have appreciated the effort that Ron and others place in the general effort to spread and betterment of the hobby, but I don't get when one that has to ask how much money he will get out of that effort. while is good when you get some money or live from your hobby is better if with a little effort you help other appreciate the  hobby or enjoy it more. For example barter bucket to exchange surplus or helping a newbie to learn the basics.

So remember that first the hobby is about having a good time in an activity that is not bad  or damaging for you. if you let the money or some other factor as fame became more important that enjoyment  is going to diminish.

Ok Im divagating a bit and you need to spred the good actions that makes our hobby better for more people. and remember that you can start by adding the Barter bucket link in your blog first.

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