Painting my AoBR Ork Warboss

Hi, I finally met someone that is willing to lay and even got himself an AoBR boxset, since my minis were getting some heavy dust, I started to paint the warboss,  here Is how I did it:

I began by  black coating him  and then using dark angels green for  skin and machrite red for the clotching, then I drybrushed knarloc green and red scab  respectibly the last part was to use gobling green in the skin as you can see that was the efect:

After that I  was happy with the skin so I painted the pants and leather with  scorched brown followed by dry brushed bestial brown and snakebite leather, for the metal parts I  applied  tin bitz and the boltgun.

After that I did tryed to do the boots with some astronomican grey to wash badad black but the result was too clean and repainted them  adeptus battle grey I liked a lot better that decision.

Next was the turn to apply washes to everything first taraka green on the screen then devlan mud on everything else but the boots.
then just for visual remider I painted the rim in snakebite leather and dry brushed some metallics to recover and highlighted the red clothing. then a first was in order I painted astronomican grey in the banner and used a pencil to draw a grid in freehand , that allowed me to paint the famous checkers that ork use, in the end it was more easy to do than I feared since I didnt went for the correct efect but a sloppy one, what you think?

for the skull I used bestial bron as base then bleached bone then skull white after that I whased in devlan mud and highlighted with bleached bone.

For those wandering I did the straps with a clear color like dhened stone washed over with some brown washes as devlan mud or ogryn flesh
in the following pictures you can see that I did some lining with boltgun metal on the metal parts.

.So here is the final result is that the  most used tool in painting my warboss were the washes that I definitibly love.

I hope this post help you.

One more thing I received great advice from my daughter on how to "PROPERLY" paint my miniature to the point that she helped a bit, here she is doing her magic:


Im a  proud father.


  1. Looks like a dark skinned (green) mean Warboss for sure! I like the checkmarks as well. Brutal like an Ork should be. Will he lead your Waaagh! against the humies? And will we get a nice report on the battle?

    Also cool to see young people get into the hobby. You should be proud! Has she painted something on her own? If she has you must post pictures:)

  2. Thanks flekkzo, I hopping that the warboss is getting correctly dresse for a proper brawl agains my ultramarines and he should win nothing the Im sure he will win anyway after reading the codex hehehehehehehehehe.

    About my girl, she hasn't painted becuase my wife has an standing ban on her doing complete miniatures of any one of my gaming sistem but I will find a proper mini for her to paint.

  3. You should tell your wife that painting and gaming is a very sensible thing and you could be interested in far less friendly activities.

    That said take a peek at Privateer Press minis. They made some very cool miniatures of very high quality. If you want to introduce your daughter to painting her own mini, then it should be a good one:) I personally want to get an extreme pureblood warpwolf, but alas they are mail order only.

    And maybe I should paint up my Warboss:) Take a break from yellow:)

  4. thanks for the advice, but you see my wife is more of a religious kind so every time I bring the subject the proper answer is "act of faith" and I run to protect my stuff from the holy fire of righteous wife. so far the option is to go Historical but even then they have weapons and that is the principal no go.
    but I don't get dispirited I know I will get to find the proper mini in time, I just must be patient.

    And about painting yellow is good to break from time to time so go ahead.



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