My warbikes part 4

The nob that took charge of the warbike nob after the intrepid leader decided to create the helichoppa heard him say something like targeting matrix, and not wanting to be left behind decided to construct one for that he went to the local mekboy and after a while his request is coming along but it is not finished:

Today I started my conversion work on the boz warbike, first a drew an ork face and started to cut away (part of my finger hehehehehe,  it stopped bleeding thanks to the magic of superglue) then I started to figure out how to mount it.

After mounting the weapon platform I worked on the dakka dakka, by cutting a chaos space marine  bolter and gluing it to the  ork gun

with everything  put into place and here are the results:

It is coming out good from the mekboy shop even when slightly inclined to the left.. so I will tell you next week.

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