Making models part of my armies

To answer Ron's Question about how we unify the models in our armies  I took a look at my models and came with the following:

First long ago I decided that I wanted my orks to have red somewhere, for some it is red pants for others red shirts, to complement red I mostly use 3 main colors a shade of white, Yellow and brown as can be seen in my Big Mek

here are some other examples of unity by color pallet:
Finishing tidiness and feel:
Next it is unity by style where I paint my Space Mirnes as mostly fresh of the factory while my orks are not so tidy.

The other part that I use to create unity is base style

For my Genestealers it is a metallic color and deck style  for my orks it is brown and earth style while for my Ultramarines it is green base with grass style in all the bases whenever possible.

while lately I been experimenting with coding the troop type with glyphs in my orks as can be seen here:

so those are it is my thoughts on how to create unity in a sea of chaos painting  to accomplish the following:

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  1. Love the Tyranid bases!

    I started painting the edges of my bases different colors so I can keep track of my different squads for my Imperial Guard. I was spending a lot of setup time trying to figure out which model belonged to which squad before a game.



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