Nobz WIP 1

Ok, after some delay I have done some work on my Nobz,

For starter some conversions were needed like the nob that is going to lead my shoota boyz so it must be properly armed with a slugga and a big shoota and of course since it is a shoot nutty he carries a backpack with a grot orderly (just for decoration). for him I grabbed the big shoota part from the Loota box and cut one arm to fit it in the nob body it looks good:

after that I cut one choppa arm to creat a sort of Uzi like slugga

For the rest of them I armed all of them with power klaws, shootas, extra armour and boss poles.

currently the nobz have got their first action combat  and I have to post during this week how they currently look but I can tell you that they did they work giving my mobz that much-needed punch against armoured targets.

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