The new brewing storm.


Ok I have seen this posted at The Realms of Equinox and at Fritz40k and I must confess that I don’t like the looks I somehow expected something more in line with the  Land raider as some works in the internet have done. It is not  that I might  end up purchasing one if able to do so, but for me it looks too small at the rear and too bulky at the front. before passing a final judgment I will wait for a rear vie where I can see an attached Dread.

What do you think about it.


  1. Not a big fan, think it looks odd and squished. Like a mix of a land raider and thunderhawk that just got squished.

  2. Can't imagine why they squatted it up. Doesn't look big enough to hold 12 squats, let alone 12 SMs. Like you, I'll hold judgement till I see some more views.

  3. I really like it, I wonder if i can use it for ultras or imperial guard. I don't know what is it but it being not too big, so its easy to carry around. And the shape of it looks very mechwarrior universe type thing. I think when I get back to the hobby I'll be buying one of these bad boys to just paint cause it looks very cool.

  4. really is something more rogue trader type than the current lines,.

    @Ashi it is a Blood angels only but if you get it I wont mind if you want to use it as an ultramarine vehicle.



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