My Space Marines Bike bases Conclusion.


For the first part you can click here

in this part of the tutorial I will show you the finished product.



  • Fine sand
  • Static Grass
  • white Glue


To finish the construction of the cured bases I added first some fine sand and then small rocks, and finish by waiting for the PVA to finally glue (about 12hrs).



I begin the painting process by black priming the bases.


Next step was to dry brush different grays starting from codex grey and finishing with ghostly grey.


After that I washed everything with Devlan Mud, Ogryn flesh and  badab black and after drying I finished by standardizing the bases with goblin green.


I like how the stamped Aquila looks with the wash.

The last step is to use white glue to add some static grass, here and there, just the minimum because it is a road so just a bit is enough.


With all the steps done I considered I completed the bases and here they are with the space marine bikes already posed on them (just no glued yet).



I'm pleased after seeing the end result , some could have argued that cork could have end up with a better result but I wouldn’t be able to stamp the brass bit that gives a cool surface finish to the road. Another thing I like is the shortcut I took for the road texture about using sand paper it really helps a lot.


I hope you find this tutorial interesting, until next one happy war gaming and modeling.


  1. Que bien te quedo la decoracion!!!

  2. The photos of the unpainted bases didn't make justice to how much greater they are painted. The rough sandpaper idea is something I consider nicking for sure. I do wonder if there is any material to use instead of green stuff that is softer before it hardens. Might be easier to stamp things in them then.

    Have a great holiday mate. Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! God Jul!

  3. Thanks Flekzzo, about your suggestion I have indeed considered the idea, for some larger projects it can be done too, for example you can use clay to create slates or you can use it with filler to create walls or buildings with imperial decorations.
    any way I happy that you found the article informative.



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