Im in bliss Today.


Ok I just finished reviewing my loot, so you can understand my happiness, this time around I used my budget to finally kick the bucket and added a third army to my collection



the I mechanized my Space marines, I love the smell of mech in my bday morning


then I love to have a good collection of codices and I was missing the Dark Eldar codex so I ordered it of course.



then at last but not least is the complementary items and the Terminator chaplain that was so much needed (hahahaha it really the fact that I love the way it looks).



    No podia faltarte el codex Dark Eldar... muy bien ... a ver si nos juntamos este fin que yo no puedo dentro de 15

  2. @karitas thanks, sadly I must wait one more day rto enjoy all the haul, i just snaped the SM chaplain and the eldar codex, i will post my thoughs on it later.

    Gracias, esperate por que aun falta el Codex GK y traera un poco mas de Tau.

    acerca de jugar este fin, yo creo que el domingo pues tengo unimprevisto que parece estar surgiendo para el sabado

  3. felicitaciones!

    yo no voy a poder este domingo

  4. que mal :s ..
    yo no puedo el otro fin porq es el cumple años de mi hermana. y este fin solo el domingo tengo libre

  5. Wow, you certainly have a lot to paint there:) The first company veterans are really cool and I look forward to see what you do with them.

    And a Tau army? They certainly are neat. Going for GW's favorite Tausept Ochra look? Personally I like the Bor'kan sept:)

    You need group shots of your armies:)

  6. thanks Flekzzo, I have most of my schedule filled for the next year only missing are a few items like the GK codex that is already ordered and I guess that some more tau items but so far it is good enough.
    about the veterans I'm a Bit disappointed in that hey are all metal without too much customization options.
    i can mix arms but that is all.
    I'm worried that the vanguard are too top heavy and may fall a lot.
    well I will work on them as soon as possible.



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