WH40K for dummies: Grenades

In a recent game I had an eldar wave serpent in assault range of my tactical squad but I didn’t do anything because  I didn’t had a weapon capable of piercing trough the amour. At least that was because what I though , but space marines have as default frag and krak grenades and you must always remember that you can use them in the assault phase against a vehicle as follows
  • if you squad have defensive grenades  you can hit the vehicle  with one attack per grenade equipped miniature at strength 4 plus D6.
  • if your miniature has krak grenades then you attack at strength 6 plus D6
  • if your miniature has melta bombs the attack is strength 8 plus 2D6.
In each case to hit you follow the usual rules to hit a vehicle,  automatic when stationary, 4+ if cruising speed and 6 when moved at combat speed, of course you are attacking a dread, where a 6 is needed all the time unless stunned or immobilized when you use the normal rules.

I must thank sonoftaurus for reminding me that the attacks are resolved against the rear armor.
Because my squad had Krak grenades then at least I should have by all accounts get some glancing hits that might have ended the threat.
I hope that you get something useful from this post, for I have since next time I will add remember my grenades .

Updated: added rear armour reminder.


  1. And you hit on rear armor too. 6+d6 vs AV10 isn't bad at all!

  2. thanks for the reminder, I updated the post.



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