Choices had to be made

Ok I ‘m posting today the pictures of my recently built Land Raider, it is magnetized an used the Magnetizing  a Land Raider post at heresy on-line  to do it, first are the pictures for the hull magnet points which are 3 plus the 2 sponson hinges.


Next will be the weapon magnets

for the Assault canon cover I used no magnets just some clip parts so the magnets on top of the guns can pull it on place, here I was careful not to fill the complete recess so it can function as a guide for the proper place of the cover.


fully armed it looks like that


next the sponson weaponsDSC00104

the flamers  magnets are 2 on the main gun body  and one for the tank in the connecting piece for the tank.


for the covers I used 2 tiny magnets to attach to the weapon of choiceDSC00110


next are the hatches and main body antenna with this little arrangement they are free to rotate but the must be centered and close enough to have a strong bond.




that is so far, in pictures and one final comment I would like to leave here to make reference to this post title:

I decided to use a mainly closed LR because I really don’t have to paint a so finely detailed interior and because an un-careful drop of glue ruined the front hatch opening mechanism. the later reason is just pure coincidence but the former is a deliberated choice I had to make so the model wouldn’t take another 3 months half finished waiting for the deserved attention it should get because work and life doesn’t allow it, for my it was a heart wrenching decision because the interior is just lovely but it wouldn’t be finished on a realistic timetable without needing a lot more effort from me and sacrificing the few spare or sleeping time I have. as I said it is difficult.


I would like to know what you would do with that choice.

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