How I do red Lens

Since Im not an expert I decided to anotate here my step by step for easy red lens, first the colors:


  • Chaos Black for the base
  • Scorched brown
  • Machrite red or scab red
  • Blood red
  • Blazing orange
  • Skull white

Those are the colors I work you can substitute every one but a dark brown is needed to help achieve the transition between black and red, here all color will be applied at the bottom of the lens to help achieve the effect of light reflected on the lens from above but you can vary it as you see fir.

the first step is to cover the surface in black


then you apply scorched brown leaving the black  in a round shape located at the top, also important is that you aren't tidy


the more uneven the brown is applied the better, then you put the machrite red following the shape that you used for the scorched brown but leaven a bit uncovered.


for the blood red you repeat the pattern, again leaving a bit of machrite red uncovered.


then you follow with a line of blazing orange , here we are almost finished.DSC00030


And finish by applying  with on the uper corner opposite from where the red colors are concentrated.



you can do  corner or a dot as you can see on the next picture.DSC00032


here is easy, as you can see the results are convincing and require little expertise. I hope you like it till next time.

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