Testing a 500pts build.

Due to time constrains locally we aren't doing a armies abode 750 so far only one time we played to 1k so I will post my general purpose armies for the pts. level that we are used to play.

for 500pts


Captain Smael

  • Space Marine Captain  100pts
    • Power Sword  +15pts
    • Melta Bomb    +5pts

sub total for HQ                                       120pts


Squad Priest (Tactical squad)  170pts

  • 1 Sergeant        
  • 9 space marines
    • flamer                  + 0pts
    • Missile Launcher  + 0pts
  • Razorback transport     +40pts

Sub total for Priest Squad                      210pts

Squad vengeance(Tactical squad) 170pts

  • 1 Sergeant
  • 9 space marines
    • flamer + 0pts
    • Missile Launcher + 0pts

Sub total for Priest Squad                     170pts


It might not be balanced but at this point level is hard to accommodate more.


The idea is to have the captain join the razorback combat squad to take the fight to the forefront.  the other squad will be split tol cover the ground  and depending the mission guard objectives or shoot down any opponents.

lets see what I can do for a 750pts. army.


  1. If I could borrow your chaplain, I would like to try my 500 space marine list against yours. Mine is:
    HQ: chaplain
    tactical 10 man, missile launcher, flamer, powerfist on sarge
    razorback (twin linked heavy bolter)
    scouts: combat blades, power fist, melta bombs (land speeder storm, Heavy flamer)

    space marine vs space marine haha, not that we haven't tried that yet.

  2. or, my dark eldar 500 pt lists... or chaos space marines. Next time I'll bring all of my 500 and 750 point lists printed and the models somewhat painted. I'll work on all the 500 point lists first.

  3. I like the idea of testing a general list vrs a more specialized mobile army.

    and about other armies you can field at least more than 4 other armies so it is worth to try.

  4. I started painting last night (finally) I think I will have all my 500 pt lists ready for october :D

  5. I'm just wondering if the captain adds any army wide bonuses to warrant taking him, maybe your points would be better spent elsewhere?



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