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After seeing the enthusiasm generated by the last tournament I’ve been thinking about sponsoring another one this year, mostly to incentivize the new players, and since I found the original prize for the last tournament plus some few other things I want to hear if you would like it , if yes what ideas would you do like to add to have a new and improved tournament.

Here are my ideas so far

this round maybe for a nominal fee so we can purchase some things from pactare to include as prizes.

I would like to use stratagems and spearhead rules, what do you think?

we can have one tournament with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place or 2 tournament with prize for the first prize in each.


in the event of 2 tournaments we can go for a lower nominal fee in each or a higher one for a better prize in the second round.


those are my current musings, what would you put on the table.


  1. I don't think we need spearhead rules at this low point levels. The entry fee is very cool idea, winning a gift card from pactare :D

  2. That's the kind of imput i like, it is dully noted

  3. Yes, gift card! No pre-determined miniature prizes :p



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