My two cents on the recent changes

Ok, the new paints are out and with that the new painting citadel minis book and the basic paint sets, all of that has an enormous implications for us, and that comes from the very little fact of color hues to the new texture and possibilities that might arise from the change. but to me what really struck is the confirmation that with the new era, Dark Angels have taken the rightful place of my beloved Ultramarines (please don't look at my blog tags)   since I started to be interested on WarHammer back in the heydays of MtG card game they where the poster child of the game, they were the good in a  sea of conflict, for me it was inspiring to see them, but with darker times is proper that a darker brethren lead the charge, Im already anxious to see the new background for the game and the justification for the change, I hope there is one at least.  What do you think about the change?

For me is painful.


  1. Good article. As for the paint, I have been using those exact same products, like "liquid green stuff", textures, etc, but from other people for years. More paints is always nice but it really is encouraging people to be lazy. How hard is it to add a dash of white etc to the paint. Plus, they are still encouraging you to _not_ use a palette by using the bolter shaped pots. This really does chap my hide.

    The How To Paint book was one of the things I pushed hard when I worked there because it is a really incredible book. The stand up so you can use it while you paint feature, as well as the dvd, is amazing. I give them kudos for that. The book is an awesome tool that frankly doesn't get the credit for being one of the best things they ever made.

    For the most part, the new paints left me saying MEH to the whole thing. I just don't care about them since I moved on. As for my beloved Dark Angels becoming the new flavor of the month, I'm kind ticked. It's like seeing your kid sister suddenly and finally become popular and you're happy for that, but you are upset that it's because people think she's a slut. I've got all metal small base Deathwing, and quite a lot at that. I hate knowing that they'll be pimped out like every other new codex.

  2. thanks for the compliment, and about the point of pressing for the book to exist it shows that you have the knack for useful points, nice to know. Lets see what the following months bring to the table.



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