Doing some work on a XV81 part 3

Recently I got my hands on a Forge World Tau xv81 Crisis Suit, after looking all the parts I couldn’t resist and decided That some magnets should be used because to me the arms screamed for them.
But first when working with resin you got to be really careful with the dust that can be released, here you will see that even when I just used a hobby knife the dust appears in various pictures. THIS DUST IS DANGEROUS, use a mask to avoid breathing it.
After the last post we should be with something like the following picture that has been around since the first post on the series.

Today we well cover the arms and start by getting a magnet and we make sure there is a big enough hole for the magnet

IMG_20120413_192744when it is big enough I put the magnet  with some glueIMG_20120413_192631
next there is the turn of the weapons by drilling a magnetically aligned small magnet as you can see here  
after that  there is jut s matter of finishing the model.
and you have something like that:
I just scrapped a hole  where I could mount the mini in a flying base, what do you think?
After completing the model I can say you that the Forge World arms are so much easier to magnetize and swap weapons, I’m still struggling to have strong attachment on the regular models and here is easy cake.
I hope you liked the series and I want to hear from you.


  1. que bien se ve... !! con esa cabeza se mucho mas amenazador :D

  2. gracias, es la razon por la que use esta cabeza en lugar de la normal. ya casi esta pintado y si buscas vas a verlo en algun post reciente.



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