Resuming work on the long lost Ork Fighta


After more than a year after committing to the challenge I finally resumed work on my Ork Fighta, What I did this week was to add some guitar strings  a cockpit and reimagined the wings.


As you can see time  has taken its toll since one of the rear wings is missing


the missing vertical control surface will see a serious revamping once I decided on the general shape, for the cockpit I went simple and just glued an space marine console and a Ork torso with arms, posed everything together  and glued the cockpit to the main fuselage.


here is the work I did on the wings, so far is just 3 plastic sheets sandwiched to get a more robust surface that sadly it still needs some pieces to make it work.


here is the underside where you can see the area I reserved for the landing gear


one last overview picture


What do you think?

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