A tip for Outer source lighting OSL

After finishing the magnetizing my FW model next step was to build it and painting I began by priming black since my grey base coat is not too really good and the white one is too much, then I  based coated white, after several layers I got something usable, but then it occurred to my that OSL could be a technique  that could be useful but I didn't knew how to determine a proper coverage, then lighting struck: I could use my Mouse Laser to determine it and voila it worked as you can see:

optionally other sources of light could be used like a led flaslight, the trick is to use something small you can direct easily  and when properly positioned it can do its magic, What do you think?


  1. Whoa, that is a really nice tip. Brilliant.

  2. Now that's a neat trick!
    I always try to use a small LED (Pen)flashlight, but using the mouse laser is even easier.
    Thanks for the tip

  3. Thanks Klaus, coming from both of you it means a lot.



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