My Basing method step by step part Two

Hello Im Back with the final part of my basing method, in this tutorial it is done using large flying bases but it works the same with any kind of base and size.

If we recapitulate a bit, in the previous installment we had 7 bases fresh from the sand gluing process. I left them be for a few hours to let the glue settle and compress, meanwhile we can start preparing the materials for the this part:

Here you can use whatever you like like plastic tubes or pieces cut as you like. here you can see I selected some plastic bits, some guitar string and some left over pieces.

for the paints you need black primer, and depending on what you need an assortment of colors to match your desired setting like browns for scorched earth and normal earth, grays for city debris, and greens for an alien setting.  then depending on the bits you selected other colors to do the pieces the proper treatment.
since I want some scorched earth and my bases has lots of little stones then I selects browns and greys along with off-white colors like bleached bone and Deneb stone, I included some metals for the details, but along the process other colors not present here were added.

for the kind of paint I will use old brushes because the terrain can be hard on them.
You can see here that I use different sizes that is because today's bases are big as I already said.

with that covered the firs step is to add the Bits with super glue that wasn't listed but it will do its duty here, just because it is fast to fix.
You don't need to use everything you got for the bases, remember you don't want to do overcrowded bases. once everything is glued you can prime black, why black would do you ask, because the bases benefit of the dark colors a black base will give you.

you can see here that the bases are taking a good form so we start with the proper dry brush first in my case scorched brown, and will keep using lighter colors along the way, like bestial brown, vomit brown, earth brown and bleached bone. remember that here the gradient of the color is the important thing to do no the names or if they are GW or not, remember to do the rocks in a grey tone. When it is done you can do the details as you see fit, here I painted the metal parts tin bitz, Boltgun Metal, chain mail all of them dry brushed. then I did certain metals dwarf bronze and even applied a bit of ogre wash, and ended the details painting the helmets

here I can give you too much detail because it will depend on the details you end up using.
one last look at the end results with models and a last parting word:

as you can see from the last picture you can add a final detail to your bases like I do, and that is to paint the edge, I do as a color code for my armies, all Ultramarines use Goblin green, orks snakebite leather and my tau use White. That is optional and you can decide but for me I think they look better like that.

With that I close the tutorial, hoping it is if good use to you and wanting to hear from you, until the next tutorial I wish the best.

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