6th edition primer questionary 20120819

As a means to learning to play 6th edition, I plan to post some questions here and see what we can learn from this, so without further ado here is the first question:

You are playing a heated game and you can secure victory if you use one of the psychic attacks from your warlock (librarian or you choose what sounds better for you)  he is secure inside one of your transports right now, and the power you use is INFERNO that is a witchfire attack, you successfully roll on perils of the warp and start assigning damage only to be interrupted by your opponent that claims you are doing something invalid, after a heated exchange of ... words, you scream that he will pay because on the rule book it says you are allowed and head to grab it. What will you find and in witch page?

Are you correct or is your partner, what you think? lets see your answers before I post the next question and the answer to today's riddle.

BTW in the creation of today's question I can attest that one rule book was damaged and nearly lost half of page 65-66 due to my arm resting on the page and adhering to the glossy material of it.


  1. I am glad my bible doesn't have glossy varnish then! It counts as firing an assault weapon and it MUST roll to hit unless it is a template, blast, or large blast (Inferno as mentioned abouve is blast.)Note that since witchfire is a shooting attack, a psyker on a vehicle can target an enemy outside that vehicle by using a fire point.

  2. Are you so sure?, have you read the rule Im trying to get with my question.

    Remember Blast weapons only eliminate the roll to hit, they still require a target.

  3. yes, it says the psyker must have line of sight to his target, and that a psyker embarked on a vehicle can only target himself, his vehicle, or another unit embarked in the same vehicle. However however however, the witchfire rule specifies that he can fire at his target from a fire point since it is a shooting attack, page 67 in the collector's edition for the first part, 69 for the second, and it has to scatter as normal.

  4. The second part is important because it restrict psychic atacks that need a target to the transport carried models it doesnt allow an exception to firepoints al s o remember he fact that all shooting atacks need a target even when they don't need a roll to hit, and that is where the first par t comes in to play,



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