Testing my Tau XV25 Paint Schema

My desk has seen a good progress with my TAU to the point that now I have  two small fire warrior , one path finder, one crisis and some Kroot squads, plus my FW HQ and piranha, but the last 3 days my mind has been stumped with the XV25 unit, it has to bee different, but how?

surfing around I found two pictures, one with a quartered schema and other with an activating camouflage, I like them both but I was unsure with the second one, due to my personal abilities as an artist.

So today I painted one of them to test the schema here are the pictures but be warned that is a picture heavy post
I started by applying a light grey coat over the black to ease my white application:

Then I applied  the necron abyss

then it was the turn of the metallic colors, I used Boltgun metal, Tin Bitz, and dwarf bronze.

when all that was done I was happy but wanted the activating camouflage, since it was a test mini I had two objectives, the first to copy the terrain being a by the numbers painter I didn't knew how? but I tried anyway by going slow and just painting the hooves  with white ant browns as the base and then doing an energy arc abode it to represent the required energy.

 here is the finished model, What do you think, I think it is a good job but next time I might do a larger camouflage.

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