My Razorshark

Hello, I have this model ready for quite some time, it has a brother but it is still at its box, but I learned a lot of building it, like:

  1.  The drone Ion weapons are the same for the Quad Ion turret, so you shouldn’t glue them to the turret like I did.
  2. the magnet for the cabin should be thin as the Razorshark cabin has a lower profile than the Sunshark one 
  3. is not necessary to have strong magnets in both pieces of the rear turrets, in the case of the ion turret you only need magnets that help you to attach the upper cover so a medium magnet will be all that you need, however in the case of the bomber assembly you will need it because it hangs  and a stronger magnet will help to avoid a falling apart piece
  4. Talking about the bomber you might want to put the magnet for the smaller piece before you assemble the tail undercarriage, so it wont break the beautiful detail
  5. It is best if you work slowly as the model will benefit more if you paint it by pieces like the wings and upper hull, then the Seeker missile doors (with them attached) , the engines and then the drones and weapons.
  6. for the front turret you only need a magnet to secure the sensor array of the Sunshark model, for the burst cannon only is necesary to cut the swing rods it still fits and you shouldnt glue the turret to have it removable 

Hope that is useful for you and here are the pictures for the razorshark:

The painted magnet should have been of a lower profile or glued bellow the plastic as it was placed makes the fighter cabin a raise a millimeter.

The magnets for the Ion Turret can be medium ones, as here you have no hanging pieces, and as I said please don’t glue the weapons to the turret you will miss it, I will try something one I figure it to have them magnetized 

Almost below the Air Caste symbol you can find a good spot to drill or sand just a bit to have the magnet for the smaller bomber hanging piece.

Hope you have like it as I really enjoyed a lot building this model.

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