My Piranhas

I have 3 piranhas, they have been in various degrees of readiness and I decided that they should be completed and be ready to use as soon as possible, I started by painting the models in my schema and getting them ready for detailing, as I really took a lot of photos of them this time so it ias a long article.

here is one of the more recent models

 Here is my fisrt Piranha, bought two years ago and marked by the white sensor and black uniforms
 The other new piranha, asll almost painted misisng only the details  on the engines.
 a quick view of the control panel, before obscuring it with the Firewarriors arms

 The first decals applied

 more decals

 the big decals applied on the side of the model
 some scratches..., ok a lot of scratches applied to the models, plus the engine details.

I like how they looks.

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