My Tau fighting for the greater good

Lately I have shared my Tau models and everything looks like they have been just preparing for the fight, but that is far from the truth, they have been fighting  and winning or losing battles for the greater good,

Usually the fights have been at 100 or 1500pts and here I will share some pics of them.

Here is a combined Tau-Ultramarines versus Space Wolves which is unfortunately is a messed order

 the rhino from the previous picture was the first vctim of the Razorshark

 Lovely green dice used as Marker lights, pretty effective as my 2 pathfinder teams were pretty barebones at 4 strong each.

 The marker lights being put to good use:

The wolves trying to assault a unit, sad news for them their run wasn’t enough to reach my FW and one of them died to Over watch from @ units lucky for them they only lost one wolf here but in the next turn they died completely.

The second game that day was the same army vrs Orks, and as a matter of fact it was my loaned orks, here was an incredible game I can blame to bad dice at the end but really I lost because I forgot to move when it counted. I started as close as possible,  

Orks deployed up front to close to negate my range advantage

 The first to die, as soon as possible the Ork shooted my pathfinders to bits.

  The lootas had a great point to shoot; my mistake was not to try to kill them with my Broadsides

my commander dying to  close combat, Tau are not made for that kind of stuff

the decisive moment where I couldn’t kill or scare those 2 defkoptas I had the game until tht point, from there it was a really close call where I lost,  Excellent game.

Something that I learned here was that SMS cannot be assaulted when TAU are near as they also benefit of the supporting overwatch as they are friendly units of the Tau, sadly I didn’t purchased the option for my flayer or it would have protected the predator.

Until next time, when I plan to share a another battle.

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