My second Riptide is almost painted up.

Today I finally progressed my riptide to an almost done status, I like it a bit more than my first one as for this I painted the model in parts and that allowed me greater control on the small details, and I like it a lot.

First the various parts ready for the assembly.

Then the difficult part of possing the modell, I tested some positions with bluetac but I needed  to do it with out any help.

 Here I had the legs already glued sadly no pictures of the dificult possing steps
Next the model already possed and using one of the heads and the particularly good Ion cannon

 Now with the burst cannon and the other head

My two Riptides together the first one ended up being to inclined to the front

another location for the SMS, to me the best option for a secondary rule.

Next post will feature the batte damage I plan to do him, but it is already ready for battle along his partner.

until next post bye.

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