A commission bit of work.

Today I wanted to paint so badly that I wipped a bit of work on my riptide which I will leave for another day and a small army of Battlefleet Gothic ships, those are not mine but for a friend, he asked me for a brown schema and I hope he likes the end result, here are the pictures.

I used only two browns as I didnt have a third one that matched the expected result
here is the base coat with scorched brown

now the Caltan brown as highlight
 next I used astronomican grey followed by white on the prow then some details with Baltasar gold and some with  boltgun metal finally a highlight of Auric Armour  Gold on the eagles and Sycorax bronze on the engines

Tomorrow I will take some more pictures with the models under sunlight as I dont have a proper camera.

after that some retouching details and the models will be ready for delivery.

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  1. You know what's the reward for a job well done? But of course, more work.... Thanks Werner, the models look just as I wanted!



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