What I have.

Hello agin, to keep introducing myself i will tell you what my hobby interest are:
Since i live far and have little time i can't play. At lest i do get to paint to i like to do a lot.currently i only have GW miniatures that is more a combination of budget and how much i like their products more than anything else.
What do I have:
in WHFB i have a little empire and a good sized wood elves from 4 edition.

in WH40K i have ultramarine and Ork armies
in battlefleet Gothic I have: imperial navy, chaos, space marines dark eldar, necrons and tiranid fleets, all of them are more raiding parties that proper fleets but i have variety.

as you can see from the pictures abode i mostly play 40k and Gothic when occasion arrives but last time was 4 years ago sadly.

i hope to get in touch of my Gothic friend to play a bit but with life in the middle it is thought.
i ll be back soon.

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