Bug bitten

Ok, after finishing my entry for the GWpertinent contest I must confess that color scheme and finish just begged me to keep the work for the rest in my Space Hulk genestealers, so far i just created the bases and modified some with some bits.

first I remove the tabs that plugs the feet from the mini to the base
second I apply superglue to the base add the tab to fill the gap and put some plastic net.

then I added some bits to a few bases

finally over coated with black.

with that I have ready the bases for painting next step is paint the minis and glue them.

I will keep updating as I go.

1 comment:

  1. This looks very very intriguing. I am very curious of how the plastic net will look when done. I might even *gasp* "steal" your idea for some minis in the future. Always interested in new basing projects. Good thing I follow your blog so I won't miss how they turn out :)



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