Why I Follow: Hogs of War

The WIF feature is more thought than I anticipated, why? because all blogs I follow are great, ervery one has strengths that i like and me being a lonely guy I get to appreciate them all, the most dificult part so far is how do I prioritize the order of WIF postings? it is hard so I will sort them out at random.

Todayby random choice is the turn of Hogs of War blog, how I ended there as usual, by using the blog roll at bols blog I ended up in the terrain junk shop post and from there a new love relationship emerged.

what is to like at Hogs of War:
Another group effort from some great players, news they post them really frequently, also have a forum were I'm trying to participate in my few and precious spare time, the articles I have liked the most are the ones related to terrain or display boards. just a little example: the basing tutorial

For all that and more I Follow: Hogs of War.

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