Finally a choosen one

Ok. after too much debating, examining and tinkering with my collection of 40k related minis, I decided that one genestealer should be used. Why simply because it was there black coated since I ebayed my Space Hulk in 2002, I decided that the base was to be something that could relate the mini to a ship, so i removed the plastic below the hooves, then i glued a plastic net in the base and placed again the genestealer.

Then I went hunting for a color scheme and found a picture that I liked a lot but cant place the GW book also Hive Fleet Moloch , both are great sources of inspiration, in the end i decided to follow the later schema since it shares a bit with the other tyranid minis I have.

here are the stalking pictures:

Ok. the good part is that now I'm motivated to keep painting my SH genestealers.

Thanks Tristan, your contest is a great idea to motivate paint procrastinators.

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