Hellichopa test flight completed

Hello I have completed the hellichopa, and I like the results more for the pleasure in completing a conversion heavy model more than anything else.

The good: I like the way it resembles a chopper, also the orkish look that hides my not so good converting skills, my wife’s suggestion to have a front mounted gun is also a plus. the way the buzzsaw looks too is a tribute to the inspiration for my work from Santa Cruz  here

The bad: I feel that the alignment in the tail and the front is a bit skewed to the left I you see the model front.


What could be better: the dakkaguns and the motor, somehow I didn't feel  adventurous enough to create the magnificent weapons and extra motor from the Dakka Dakka Original here,

Now back to the story before the pictures:

Our intrepid bikker had managed to get  his bike converted last time we new of.missing things were the front Buzzsaw, here the mek boy did a good job motorizing front wheel and replacing the tire for proper blades, next the mekboy’s grot managed to place some decent dakka dakka in side wings that looked acceptable, so far our biker was a happy ork, so he went to the pit to have a bit of a relaxing time, while the bike upgrade was  finished, the issue was that upon returning he new that a motivational chat was in order. the main rotor looked awfully small not a mean thing like our biker wanted, so after 2 or 3 days of heavy fighting (for the mek boy was not a wimpy grot too) work resumed now with a proper rotor. The test flight was great  since the hellichopa really is a faster machine than the bike.

That makes the upgrade work finished so now a proper red paint job is in order.

DSC01982 DSC01983DSC01980DSC01987DSC01992DSC01994DSC01988

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  1. The model is awesome! What a very individual copter - great use of card and plastic rod!



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