Helichoppa part 4

Work on the helichopa has continued, so far I have redone the skids

and part of the front.

So far in the history our intrepid speeder after some constructive discussion (head smashing would be more appropriated) has managed to convince the mekboy that his helichopa must have hidraulik skids, since they can be retracted and allows to be more fasta. also has managed to mount a missile launcher tube in the front and is still working to replace the front wheel with something more robust but the idea to fashion something like fangs from a mouth is already mounting is his little brain.

With that there is still some good work before some waaghh action.

wait for more in the next installment.

DSC01959 DSC01960

 DSC01961  DSC01963 DSC01964 DSC01965  DSC01967

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