Incoming Alert

Ok. after the world at large has settle a bit because the space hulk news has been released I want to share my opinion about it, I like the game a lot but I'm a bit disappointed in the content vs price ratio but not too much, what I dont like is that the terminators are so beautiful but only for BA, since Im ultramarines at heart it doesn't sit well, the buying choice are the genestealers they look so great so I must have them.

In not so related news about it my WarStore order, it arrived today at my office, I'm a happy customer again (except for customs that charged a lot near $50 for a $130 order) as you can see is a varied lot with some Gale Force 9 plastic I need for the helichopa, one bikers box (it appears twice) some paints and washes, not pictured but still there is a large tube of keneadite a bargain IF you are used to GW green stuff, I recommend to get it, also there is a tamiya powder set I plan to use in the helichopa (you can see a trend here in the purchased goods). With all that the helichopa work will resume soon.


  1. Lots of good stuff in your order there. Customs certainly added some cost to your goods.

  2. thank you, as you can see it was costly but worth it I hope you like the helichoppa.



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