DefKopta to helichoppa part 3

Ok Im resuming my work after getting the supplies from the Warstore, First thing was to remove the front, in the end I just removed the missiles, then I created a strip of plasticard to work with, then created 3 strips from the first one and trimmed 2 the larger one then formed the basis for the tail.

I glued everything and and finished for today I will try to keep going tomorrow.

Now for something I usually don't do. my ork biker after a crash with his bike where the rear axis was separated, when to the local mek boy whom recommended a replacement, since he already wanted to go fasta he ordered a defkotpa to be built from the parts of his bike. the mekboy already had a pile of metal that could be used, so work begun proper by creating a the tail, next step was to attach a a missile launcher to the front of the bike....

the history will continue in the next post, meanwhile i hope you like more WIP pics.

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