Joy to the hulk, Genestealers to all.

Today I got my copy from my local customs office, I could have gotten it on Saturday, but work messed with my schedule so I had to wait until today, anyway I couldnt belive that It only took a week to get my copy it shipped ultra-fast it usually a 3 week delay here it was 3 days plus 4 for customs.
As every one, the contents are great, my copy however has some minor issues like a broken hand from the genestealers, and the back from one of the titles was damaged but overall everything is great.

I read Warhammer Tau that the sand clock doesn't last 3 minutes and I can confirm it mine last 2minutes and 54 seconds, that makes me wonder if all the timers have different times.


  1. Any chance you will be painting those genestealers? :) Or will you use them for 40k and get some "vanilla" ones to play SH with?

  2. you ask a toght question.....

    Ok i have made up my mind I will paint them and try to use the 40k bases when posible as add-on for 40k. anyway I already have most of the SH 1 genestealers.
    btw did you got your copy?



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