A theory on miniature design

Hello, I want to expand the post from the TemplarVanquish site about the better dressed bad guys, a long time ago in a talk with an old friend of mine, we touched the subject, he told in that no many people likes to be the bad ones because the good one alwas wins or so we were taught, that is a problem when you have a competitive game, for is easy to be the good ones but not so much for the opposite force.

so how to get an opponent, you have some options but what I have found so far is that the most designers use beauty and power to overcome that.

For example in space hulk the bad ones have easier rules and better models
if you put attention youll find more examples like when you compare WHFB knights:

As you can see the chaos models have more detail that the Bretonnians. and that reinforce the beauty aspect for the visual aspect is key when you are in the miniature business, since is what makes or brakes a line don't you agree.

Now I would like to hear your opinions.

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  1. I think that it might be cultural and to a lesser degree also age related. In my experience it's usually easy to get people to play bad guys. Wanting to be the hero doesn't seem to be a driving force, in fact, heroes can be seen as goody two-shoes and thus very undesirable.

    Personally I like bad guys in movies better than heroes most if the time. The bad guys tend to have more personality, more drive, more diversity. Good guys doesn't seem human and just goes around being good, just because.

    There are exceptions though. Like in the movie Watchmen the "heroes" are clearly more human and more interesting.

    I myself enjoy playing both good and bad guys, even though I am mainly painting these days:)



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