strong emotions week

I have been out of the picture for over a week, mostly because a sad event happened last Sunday, the wreaked my 4 day long weekend schedule.


2 things happened that are worth mention but elated me, the first one, was that the great Jawaballs started a new contest , everyone should try to enter. and about entering contests: I do it as everyone else because we all love to win but I have an ulterior motive to participate and it is: PARTICIPATION. for it just help to make our little global community greater.

a great example of this is the second.

I participated at the contest that Mitch from Ottawa Gamer did in celebration of the Contest Calendar that the Painting Corps created. and guess what I won, and that have me happy .

THANKS MITCH from a happy follower.

Last but not least I'm proud to announce that I have joined the FTW blogger group. I will try to do my best in the team.
ok a parting memento:

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