Custom Ork Dread part 3

Ok I keep on working yesterday , only issue was that I didn't updated, so far I had completed the two legs so I want to start the hips sadly I forgot to put memory into the camera I will jump directly to the point.

I cut a roughly shaped box where with the help of my dremel, placed a hole then glued the pieces to form the new box, placed a central rod and dry fit everything. when everything was correctly in place I applied some glue.

DSC02183 DSC02189


Next step I used a bottle of paint that from my point of view will make an excellent ready make body and noticed something, the feet are too small and feeble. that is bothering my until tonight because I don't know how to proceed.


Ok life goes on so I decided to continue building the parts that looked good adding some hydraulics.

DSC02193 DSC02195

as for how I make them I simply cut a bit of plasticard tube (in my office it is used to stir coffee so I get a steady supply) then introduce a small fitting rod and voila an hydraulic tube.

So far I like the way the legs and hip are turning. I cant wait to advance a bit more nut that is a tale for another day.

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Update: I added a Link to the previous post for this challenge.


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