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Hello, tonight I will post a lot, in this one I will comment about my experince with Testors Dull Cote.

you see as I always keep adding touches to my miniatureas and more importantly I don't get to play a lot and that makes for a lot of excuses on why I have never sealed my minis.

O.K. too long intro, now to the bone:

Since I have read a lot about bad experiences   sealing minis I went to the terrace to check the weather (it is winter season here, so it is  a lot of rains) it was ok but not great, so I decided that some genestealers were good to die in my first attempt, here are the results:

DSC02102 DSC02103  DSC02105 DSC02106  

Next was the Space Hulk Terminator I’m doing for the Jawaballs contest


DSC02111     DSC02116

Finally It was turn for my HelichoppaDSC02118DSC02119DSC02120

I like the w2ay the colors changed they are remarked now, so in the end I will keep on sealing my models more often.

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